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We are here to provide quality study materials to the students who are currently enrolled in agriculture and veterinary science.

What We Do?

We create blogs on agriculture and veterinary-related topics as well as we provide a soft copy of the same in downloadable form so that you can make them yours in no time.

Why Us?

If you are willing to gain a lot of knowledge in a short period, you are definitely at the right place. We review several books and research papers before posting anything on our blog.

Short Story

Being former undergraduate students of agriculture and veterinary science, we realized that in Nepal we lack an important part of online support to the students. It’s tedious and hectic to find the right piece of paper that satisfies our curiosity and at the same time stays within the syllabus of our course. Therefore, we worked on it and now we are trying hard to stick to the current syllabus and provide adequate information about a particular topic in easily understandable language. Any suggestions from our readers are highly appreciated.


John Davidson


David Johnson Jr


Our Philosophy

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Our Process

– We endorse efficiency, short cycles of decisions and action.<br>
– We believe that results are more powerful than suggestions<br>
– Start working on improvement, take initiative, If it does not work, we still will have learned something

Our Catalog

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