Seed Certification System in Nepal: Process, Importance, and Types of Seeds

Abstract: Seed certification is a regulatory process designed to maintain and make available high-quality seeds and propagating material of superior crop varieties, grown and distributed to ensure genetic identity and purity. A well-organized seed certification system helps in maintaining the Read More …

From Heart to Brain: Exploring the 8 Proven Health Benefits of Walnuts for an enriched Lifestyle.

Botanical Classification Kingdom: Plantae Order: Fagales Family: Juglandaceae Genus: Juglans Walnuts are edible seeds that come from the trees of the Juglans genus. The walnut fruit, known as a drupe, develops within a thick, hard shell or husk. The husk Read More …

Report , Fish Farming in Nepal

The abundant availability of water resources makes Nepal a country with the potential for fish farming. Fish farming is sustainable and environment friendly cultivation practice, generally raised naturally in fish tanks or artificial enclosures. The commonly cultivated breeds are Silver carp, Bighead carp, Grass carp, Rohu, Catla, Mrigal, and Rainbow trout.